The new breaking dawn teaser trailer is out!!! whoop whoop!! 
absolutely loving it!!! It's just how I thought it was going to be like when I read the book!!!
Finally we have our own website! We are very excited about this!!! Now you're probably wondering why it is Fez Bowtie2 (actually you are probably wondering why Fez Bowtie! The front cover picture says it all), Well originaly it was just Fez Bowtie, but we forgot our password and username to weebly and so can't edit the website!! You can still visit it thou, just type in
Another thing you are proably wondering about is the little tab at the top saying Watch: I'm not sure and it takes you to a blank page with a button on it! Well we are yet to I'm not sure but it will be on You Tube soon enough!! We hope! Oh and the pointless button page is a long story, one I might expain to you one day. We'll have to see how many views we get! 
Any way thats all for now so goodbye from  


    We are wacky and crazy!! But you'll love us and we'll love you! ;)


    June 2012